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About Us

The BlockChain Game

ChainTheGame is founded by individuals who believe in the future of BlockChain as a technology.  We educate our members on how BlockChain is changing the game!

Our Services

We are a membership and private equity group. We educate our members on BlockChain Technology, Digital Asset Acquisitions, and Asset Risk Management.

Small Crowd Investment

Through hands-on training, members learn about Small Crowdinvesting - an innovative investment  module that raises needed business capital via small dollar investors. 

Crowdinvesting is equity based Crowdfunding

Make money with people you love, folks you know, those right around you! There is strength in number! A few people can make a bunch of money together.

What Is Small Crowdinvesting?


Crowdinvesting is equity-based crowdfunding where members invest in projects for a revenue return.

Our equity-based crowdfunding plan enables private individuals to participate in content and fashion production by means of small investment groups. In a very general sense, it was not possible for private individuals to invest in content and fashion before our Small Crowdinvesting Plan. Now, CTG gives you—the individual—the ability to own equity in content, cannabis, and fashion, things you and others will consume.



The 21st Century PBS Model


To finance this digital series our equity team applied the same nonprofit + corporate crowd financing model that PBS uses to success. Vanessa Bell Calloway maintains full ownership of the series and can now monetize it via licensing and ad sales—for life! 


Valued Content, Celebrity & Cause Relation Monetization

As a proof-of-concept for our Small Crowdinvesting methodology, longstanding client—and breast cancer survivor—Vanessa Bell Calloway (Black Monday, Saints & Sinners) was teamed with a national nonprofit, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and a major online retailer, eBay, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her iconic role in the landmark film Coming To America

OBJECTIVE ACHIEVED: Established the celebrity and cultural value of our client Vanessa Bell Calloway, and her ability to secure national partnerships and earned media.

The New York Daily News ran a series commemorating the movie based on a pit. “The Summer of Coming To America” featured interviews with Frankie Faison, Debra Landis, and Calloway. 

ECOMMERCE SOLUTION:  A key goal was the execution of a eCommerce solution via earned media. Vanessa’s NY Daily News article featured an embed link to a memorabilia auction hosted on this website in collaboration with eBay benefiting Susan G. Komen

Summer of Coming To America - Vanessa Bell Calloway


Summer of Coming To America 

Summer of Coming To America - Frankie Faison 

Summer of Coming To America - Deborah Landis

Next, DSD and its production partner Groundwurk Studios collaborated with The Ad Council, BET Networks and Komen to produce content with Calloway for the BETher Fights Breast Cancer concert. 

BROADCAST NETWORK PLACEMENT: Tina Knowles Lawson, Shanola Hampton (Shameless), Essence Atkins (Marlon), Nischelle Turner (ET) and Denise Boutte (Her Only Choice) participated in special edition of a talk show series created, produced and hosted by Calloway, In The Company of Friends.  This led to a prodcution deal  with Komen. BETher Fights Breast Cancer - Concert Partnership


 CTG’s engagement resulted in Season 3 financing of In The Company of Friends with Calloway retaining ownership of the asset. In The Company of Friends premieres August 19th.  It is the first CTG project financed with nontraditional small crowdinvesting. Read: Yahoo! Finance Story


Celebrity + Influencer eCommerce Solutions


Are you a celebrity? Do you have 50K followers on social media? Do you have product? Why not?

We teach celebrities and influencers how to produce and distribute products and merchandise direct-to-consumers around the world. A member of the eBay Partner Network (EPN), our goal is to expand celebrity and influencer brands to global markets through eCommerce. Startup clients may engage in eBay affiliate sales programs to generate residual revenue during product development phase.


A Liquidity Based White Paper

The core objective of ChainTheGame (CTG) is the financing of content and fashion creators via consumers, corporate brands, and national nonprofits as small-crowd investors to simplify the process for producing, distributing, selling, and licensing content, products and merchandise. 

CTG transforms individuals (creators) into fully  monetizable assets managed by a team singularly  focused on financing for creative works, and returning more control to the asset owner. CTG supports project/product development, sales, distribution, marketing, publicity and promotions of all assets. 

The future for CTG is a blockchain-platform with added smart contract functionality and applications to facilitate direct to consumer distribution of creative works and remove barriers to marketplace entry for creators and designers.


CTG understands that mainstream adoption of Small Crowdinvesting Programs requires addressing the liquidity aspect. What is the value of the asset and its earning potential.  

CTG only aligns with established creators and designers with verifiable value to overcome market fragmentation and liquidity problems. The focus on leveraging both content and products that are producing verifiable revenue and/or maintains provable equity, to establish liquidity, gives CTG it’s unique point-of-difference in this emerging Blockchain marketplace. 


To help CTG Members better assess the inherent value in assets, three key problems must be addressed first:

1) Ownership — Who is the asset?
2) Utilization — How may the asset be leveraged (what does the asset produce)?
3) History — What is its earning potential?


Celebrity: Any person, living or dead, with public and media recognition as the result on participation in a creative work.

Designers: Any person or entity that creates, compiles or selects clothing, products, goods, merchandise, etc. for profit.

Influencers: Any person, living or dead, with a social media following of 50K and high engagement or interaction with the public.

Members: Any person or entity that provides capital for the purpose of investment with the goal of receiving a equity stake or profit share in return.

Producers: Any person or entity that disseminates content including music, movies, television, digital videos, merchandise, etc. for profit.

Warranties & Restrictions

ChainTheGame is a Private Equity Group. CTG properties constitute units in a collective investment.  However, the Liquidity White Paper does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities of any form, or a solicitation for any form of investment in any jurisdiction.



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